Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers

2018 Season - the 52nd Year

Saturday, April 14, 2018 7:12 PM


Six new divisions - More Home & Home matches - Less traveling.

New 2018 Division Schedules Are Below (click on)

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The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers, Inc., was held on April 14, 2018

at the



Congratulations to the Castlewood Country Club's Junior Team as the 2017 Bay Cities League's Champions!               


      We are honored to announce that the Bay Cities Junior Golf League's championship trophy is now named in honor of Chris Woodward!

          Chris Woodward and the Woodward BCLJG Championship Trophy (click)


  Chris was an active member, officer and director of Bay Cities for nearly 20 years. He tragically passed away while on a business trip. As an avid golfer, a walker, and a traditionalist to the core values which golf brings to daily life, Chris leaves a legacy of commitment and dedication to youth sports and especially to Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers. We are honored and proud to name the League's championship trophy after him.



Who we are:

        The Bay Cities League is the premier junior golf league in the nation. It consists of 28 private and semi-private golf clubs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Ranging in location from Half Moon Bay and Olympic Club to the West, Napa Valley and Santa Rosa C. C. to the North, Crow Canyon and Oakhurst C.C. to the East, and Pasatiempo and Silver Creek Valley C.C. to the South, these clubs are all among the top ranked and most admired golf courses in California. At least four courses were designed by Alister MacKenzie (Meadow, Pasatiempo, Green Hills and Claremont), as well as Donald Ross (Peninsula) heritage.

        Our co-ed junior players range in ages from 7 through 21 (there is no lower age limit). Many of the juniors are the children and grand-children of club members, but most clubs encourage participation by non-member juniors living in the community, reaching out to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in such a junior golf program.

        Bay Cities junior players are young men and women who compete because of their love of the game, their desire to learn and improve their skills, and because they find truth and respect in good, fair competition. As they grow and develop, they comprise some of the top-ranked junior and amateur players in the country. Some go on to college level golf, and some have become stars on the PGA, LPGA, and other tours. All have gone on to enduring friendships with not only their teammates, but also with their playing opponents. Our juniors golfers add fresh and energetic enthusiasm to the game of golf and to their home clubs.

~ Glynn Falcon, president emeritus


     Bay Cities League was formed on April 5, 1967 by founders Captain Ed Chester, USCG Retired, Castlewood CC; William I. Clark, San Jose C. C ; Hal Rosenberg, Green Hills C.C.; Lloyd DeMartini, Green Hills CC; and Bill Fisher, Santa Rosa C.C.   It is a California non-profit corporation.


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