Competition Rules & Regulations (last revised April 6, 2013)

League Rules and Format of Play

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League Rules and Format of Play

            These League rules were established at the charter meeting on April 5, 1967. Amendments made at various meetings are incorporated herein. Originally drafted by Captain Ed Chester, USCG Retired, Castlewood CC. Early league founders included: William I Clark, San Jose CC; Hal Rosenberg, Green Hills; Lloyd DeMartini, Green Hills; Bill Fisher, Santa Rosa.
            Participation by member clubs in the League activities, or payment of annual dues by participating clubs, shall create an unconditional agreement by such club(s) to adhere to, and to be bound by, these Bylaws, rules, and regulations, and to release this League, and its officers, from any liability or loss, and to indemnify and hold the League and its officer harmless from all such claims, in such form as shall from time to time be presented to the particpating clubs, and shall be attached hereto as Exhibit "A" to these Bylaws. (reaffirmed by vote on April 6, 2013)

Rule 1.  USGA Rules Apply

Both the spirit and the letter of the USGA Rules & Decisions shall apply to all matches conducting by League teams, except as otherwise provided herein or by local club rules.  Particular emphasis is directed to USGA’s Rules, Section 1 - “Etiquette; Behavior on the Course.” [back to the top]

Rule 2. Participating Clubs and Divisional Alignment

                Prior to the start of the regular season, the Board shall determine the number of Divisions needed for that year and the teams that will participate within each division, and the Board can re-arrange and modify the participating teams in each Division, utilizing criteria, including but not limited to, the needs of the League, traditional rivalries, travel distances, member requests, and division balance.  The four current divisions are: Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western Divisions.  The Divisions and their participating teams shall be announced, and the match schedules distributed, to the Coaches at the annual Spring Kickoff Meeting.   [back to the top]

Rule 3.  Junior Player Eligibility

a.         Age:    Junior golf players are eligible to play and participate in the league matches of Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers (BCLJG) provided that s/hey has not yet reached his or her 21st birthday on or before January 1st of the year of the season is eligible to play in League Matches that season.  The League does not have a minimum age restriction, as each member club shall be allowed to determine whether its own junior player(s) are of appropriate age to compete without additional adult supervision. [back to the top]

b.         Co-Ed:     Junior golf team play is open to both boys and girls, without limitation.

c.         Affinity to a Member of the Club:  The League recognizes two types of junior eligibility for players on a member club team.  The purpose of this distinction is to ensure that each member club’s junior golf team for any given match does not exceed the limit of “Other” junior golfers as defined below

1.   “Bona fide” junior members may participate, without limitation as to numbers, and are defined as:
               a.  the son or daughter of bona fide, dues-paying member of the member club; or
               b.  grandchildren of bona fide, dues-paying member of the member club wherein the grandchild has the same full and equal privileges of junior membership to use the club facilities as would a son or daughter of a bona fide, dues-paying member.   [back to the top]

          2.    “Other” junior members are defined as:
                        a.  Non-member juniors who are invited to play on the junior golf team; or
                       b.  Special junior memberships provided to boys or girls whose parents or grandparents ARE NOT bona fide, dues-paying members of the member club, but have been granted a special junior membership where they:
                                1.         pay dues monthly or annually;
                                2.         have an account number, and are billed by the club monthly for dues and use of the club (e.g., food, beverage, etc.); and
                               3.         have privileges to use the club on a year-round basis.                                                c. Grandchildren of bona fide, dues-paying members where the grandchild DOES NOT have the same full and equal privileges of junior membership to use the club as would a son or daughter of a bona fide, dues-paying member. [back to the top]

d.        Limit of 4:   The total number of all “Other” junior golfer players that can compete for points in any of the eight scoring positions during a team’s match shall not exceed four (4) players.  The competition committee will review this rule each year before the start of season play to see if modification or revision is necessary. [back to the top]

e.         No Switiching Teams: A player may only be listed on one teams' roster. A player cannot "float" from one team to another. [back to the top]

f.         Hardship Exemptions:  Any member club may request a hardship exemption from these eligibility rules for good cause shown (which should include statements from the Club president and head professional as to the nature of the hardship and what actions will be taken to resolve such hardship in the following year) from the League president, who shall review the request with the Competition and Rules Committee for determination.   [back to the top]

g.       Junior Team Rosters:  A list of the names and membership status (i.e., bona fide or Other) of all juniors golfers competing for the member club must be submitted to the League’s office for posting on the League’s website before that team’s first division match of the season, and in no event later that June 1st of each year.  Teams may add players to the Roster who were ineligible due to High School post-season play.

h.         Team & Individual Photos: Along with, and at the same time as submission of, the roster, each team shall upload to the League a digital photo of their team.   [back to the top]

I.         Player’s Eligibility to Play in the Playoffs:    To be able to compete for their team during the playoff matches, junior golfers (bona fide as well as “others”) must have participated in at least three (3) of their team’s practice and/or divisional matches during the season, as evidenced by Score Sheets previously submitted to the League of all such qualifying matches.   [back to the top]

Rule 4. Scheduling of Matches

                 Each member club will play every other club within their own division each season.  The matches will be split between Home matches and Away matches, to the extent possible. The “Home” team will be the “Away” team on alternate years in division play. One or more exhibition or practice matches may be played between teams from different divisions, or if the League is notified prior to the match that a match is a “practice” match, with teams with a team’s division.    [back to the top]        

             The divisional winners and division runner-up will play in the league playoff matches. A total of eight teams, comprised of the two top teams from each division, will compete in the league playoffs. One or more exhibition matches may be played between teams from different divisions.      [back to the top]

Rule 5. Determination of League Champion

a.         Playoff Team Selection:  Each division champion and each division runner-up will play in the League’s opening round of playoff matches. A total of eight teams, comprised of the two top teams from each division, will compete in the league playoffs. [back to the top]

b.         Hosting of Playoff Matches

            1.)       The winners of each division (4 teams total), who will have the privilege of hosting their first round of the playoffs. [back to the top]

            2.)       The second place finishers of each division (4), to be seeded against teams not in their division for the first round of the play-offs, if possible. [back to the top]

c.        Playoff Seeding:   Seeding (positions 1- 4) in the playoffs will be based on the fewest number of losses. In the case of ties, then the tie is broken by average points per division match (higher average points gets seeded above lower averages.), and if still not broken, then by coin toss. The teams will be matched as follows: [back to the top]

              (revised 4/10/04)









d.    Other Seeding Ties:  Should there be a tie in the divisional point averages in determining the rank of “seeding,” the winner of any head-to-head match shall be seeded above the loser of that match. If that does resolve the seeding, then the point averages from all matches played that year will determine the seeding. If that does not resolve the seeding, the seeding team will be determined by a flip of a coin. [back to the top]

e.    Play-off Match Tie-Breaker Protocol:   If a playoff match initially results in a point total tie, the winner of the match will be determined on the basis of the better point score using all of the two-man best ball scores. If that method should also result in a tie, the winner will then be determined by comparing the individual matches best ball points, starting with the #1 match, until the tie is first broken. [back to the top]

f.    Championship Matches:  The championship matches will be a Home and Home event, either spread over two weekends, or preferably, back to back on the Saturday and Sunday of one weekend, whichever is agreed upon by the coaches of these teams.

g.    Championship Tie:     If, at the conclusion of the Championship matches, the total points results in tie after normal play, no tie breaker protocol will be utilized.  Both teams will be declared the League Co-Champions. [back to the top]

h.     League Trophy:   The League’s “Perpetual Championship Trophy” is to be presented to the League Champion as soon as possible upon completion of the final championship winner's match.   The trophy is to be returned to the League once a new League Champion is determined, for presentation to the new Champion.  A permanent award shall also be given to the League Champion which is theirs to keep. [back to the top]

i.     Unable to Compete in Playoffs:     In the unfortunate event that a team that has qualified for the playoffs, but is unable to field a team of at least eight junior golfers, then the third place team from their division will have the option to take a spot in the playoffs. If the third place team is unable to do so, then the fourth place team may do so, and so on.   If it is a division winner that cannot compete, then the division runner-up will move into that seeded (hosting team) spot, and the third place winner in that division will take over the 2nd place’s spot.

            Play-off eligible teams must confirm their ability to participate in the Playoffs within 48 hours of notification of eligibility (e.g., not later than end of day Monday following the last match of the season). If they cannot, then next eligible team replaces them in the play-offs. The potential replacement teams should be on notice following the final match. Losing teams in the quarter final matches should play each other in consolation matches the same weekend as the semi-final matches. [back to the top]

f.)     Unable to Compete in Playoffs:     In the unfortunate event that a team which has qualified for the playoff, but is unable to field a team of at least eight junior golfers, then the third place team from their division will have the option to take over that spot in the playoffs. If the third place team is unable to do so, then the fourth place team may do so, and so on. If a course scheduling conflict develops whereby a playoff team cannot be the host their playoff match, it is in the spirit of the League that the match be played, if possible, at the other team’s home course or such other arrangements as approved by the League. [the following was added April 2002] Play-off eligible teams must confirm ability to participate within 48 hours of notification of eligibility (e.g., not later than end of day Monday following the last match of the season). If they cannot, then next eligible team replaces them in the play-offs. The potential replacement teams should be on notice following the final match. Losing teams in the quarter final matches should play each other in consolation matches the same weekend as the semi-final matches. [back to the top]

j.     Golf Course Availability:    If a course scheduling conflict develops whereby a playoff team cannot be the host of their playoff match, it is in the spirit of the League that the match be played, if possible, at the other team’s home course, or with such other arrangements as approved by the League.

k.   Additional Post Season Play:  Losing teams in the quarter final matches may, but are not required to, play each other in consolation matches the same weekend as are the semi-final matches. [back to the top]

Rule 6. Team Size

            Team Size:    A predetermined squad of 8 junior golfers shall constitute the point scoring team. The traveling team shall be limited to 12 junior golfers plus 2 adult golfers (usually the club's Junior Golf Chairman, Alternate Chairman, or the club's Professional.) Amended 4/18/86: By prior arrangement with the home club, the visiting team may take as many players as are welcome by the home team.                                         [back to the top]

Rule 7. Teeing Ground to Be Used [Modified 3/2001]

            Tee(s) To Be Used:   

a.        For the scoring team, play is from the Championship tees (usually “Blue” or “Black”) for the boys, and the girls shall play from a forward tee as shall be designated by the host’s Club Professional in fairness and in equity. Typically, this will be the next forward tee from the boy’s tee.  Once a host club designates the teeing ground to be used, it cannot vary the tee selection from match to match, but must remain consistent throughout the remainder of the season. Non-scoring players may use any teeing ground as designated by their coaches.

b.         Par for each hole played will be the same for boys and girls.   [back to the top]

Rule 8. Use of Motorized Carts

           All players on the scoring team must walk. However, a player may use a motorized cart due to a documented medical necessity.  This does not preempt the rules of any of those Club’s whose policies may require all players to use carts.  On steep or remote sections between teeing ground, or for unusual weather conditions, a Club may allow and provide transportation to the junior players.  Coaches may use carts. [back to the top]

Rule 9. Spectators, No Advice To Be Given

           Individual club policy on spectators shall be enforced. Each club is to provide the League and each opposing team with their stipulations concerning spectators.  If spectators are allowed by the club, they must adhere to the JGANC rules regarding galleries.  Spectators are to remain at least twenty-five yards away from the players.  If advice is given by the spectator, loss of hole will be imposed on the junior receiving the advice. It is the responsibility of the visiting coach to obtain prior permission from the host club to allow spectators.  [back to the top]

Rule 10. No Coaching or Caddies During Match

            Coaching, by the team’s coaches, is NOT allowed during any League match. Coaching is defined as giving advice on golf swing, putting, or other mechanics related to the game. The coach can, however, offer motivational advice during play.  Caddies are also not allowed for a team member during a League match. Breach of this rule is loss of hole on the junior receiving the advice.  [back to the top]

Rule 11.Ranking of Players Competing

         Team Ladder:    Team members are ranked according to ability and shall be placed in the line-up in such order. Each team coach shall maintain an objectively verifiable method of establishing and maintaining that team’s ladder.  Violation of this rule, better known as "stacking the line-up," will result in disqualification of that team.  The League recommends the use of its Interactive Team Ladder and Roster template (Excel) available for downloading from the BayCitiesGolf.com web site. [back to the top]

Rule12. Scoring Procedures

            Points are based on the play of eight players (the scoring team) per team. For each match, 36 total points must be awarded.  Points are determined and scored as follows: [back to the top]

a.         Scratch Play:  All individual and teams matches are played scratch (no use of handicaps).

b.         Same Par for All:  Par for both the boys and girls will be the same.

c.         Eight Individual Matches:   One point is awarded for each individual match play winner for the front nine, one point for each individual match play winner for the back nine, one point for the winning player for the overall match for 18 holes.  Ties result in each player an individual match receiving a half of a point.

d.         Four Two-man Best Ball Matches:   One point is awarded for each two-person team best ball match play winner of the front nine, one point awarded for team best ball match play winner of the back nine, and one point is awarded for the team best ball match winner for the 18 holes. Ties result in each 2-player team receiving a half of a point. [back to the top]

e.         Incomplete Match:   A player's contribution to the individual and team scoring effort shall be recorded even if he is not able to complete all of the 18 holes.

f.          Less Than Full Eight-Player Team:   A team that plays with less than eight players shall position them consecutively, starting with the number one position and then through as many positions as the players may fill.

g.         Ties:   Individual Player & Best-Ball team ties represent one-half point awarded to each side.

h.         Gimmies:   For accurate ladder rankings, all putts should be holed out, but with due consideration for maintaining “pace of play”.  Gimmies should reflect what that player would most likely have scored on that hole absent the gimmie.

I.          Recording Scores After Each Hole:   To help prevent later disputes and to improve scorecard accuracy, the scorers in each foursome are required and instructed to ask each player his or her score immediately upon completion of each hole played, and record that score immediately on the official scorecard.

j.          Determination of the Winning Team:   The team receiving the majority of the 36 total possible points is the winner of the match. If match results in an initial total points tie (18 to 18), the winner will be determined on the basis of the total points of the four best ball scores in the match. If the tie is still not broken, then by the first team’s best ball points, then the second team's, and so on, until the tie is broken. If still not broken, then by using the first players? points, then second players? points, etc. until the tie is ultimately broken. [back to the top]

k.         No Match Shall End in a Tie.  Ties must be broken using the procedures listed in “j” above.

l.          Determining of the Division Champion:   The team with the best won/lost percentage of all of the matches played against other teams within their division is that division’s champion. No match shall end in a tie.  If two or more teams tie for the best won/lost percentage, the tied team(s) winning the head-to-head match(es) shall be the division winner. If that fails to break the tie, then the tied team scoring the most points in their matches against the teams that they are tied with in their division shall be the division champion.

m.)       Effect of a Forfeit:   Forfeits shall be counted in the overall “won - loss” records of the respective teams, but the match points shall not be used to compute “average points per divisional match” which is one of the tie-breakers for determine a division’s champion. [back to the top]

Rule 13. Spring Meeting

               Spring Kickoff Meeting, Luncheon, and Coach’s Golf Tournament:    Each season begins with the “kick- off” meeting which is held in the Spring of each year (usually in April). At this meeting, the League will provide the team match schedules for each division, any proposed rule changes, financial reports, issues from the floor, informational packets, team gifts, awarding of trophies and plaques, and such other matters as comes before the League. A golf tournament comprised of the various club’s Junior Golf Coaches, their assistant coach, and League officials shall follow or precede the Spring Meeting.
                The Host Club will provide complimentary tee times. The BCLJG will reimburse the Host Club for food and refreshments. The Host Club may provide golf carts or the participants may be charged for carts, at the discretion of the Host Club.

           Sites:   The list of the hosting clubs is to be rotated between Member Clubs.

           Required Attendance: Attendance by each member club’s Junior Golf Chairman, Coach, Co-Coach, or Club Professional at this meeting is mandatory. The Junior Golf Chairmen of each of the four division winners of the previous year are responsible for contacting the various club directors in their division to ensure proper attendance. The division winners must also present an attendance list to the host club at least two weeks prior to the event.

           Notices:   The Junior Golf Coach for the host club for the Spring meeting is responsible for notifying each division winner of the date, and time of the event at least eight weeks prior to it.   Each divisional winner is then responsible for notifying each of the team coaches in their respective divisions.   [back to the top]

Rule 14.(Reserved for future use)

Rule15. Responsibilities of Member Clubs and Their Junior Golf Chairman

  a.        Team Coach:  Each member club will have a person designated, identified and on file with the League as that club’s “Junior Golf Chairman” (also sometimes referred as the "coach"). The Junior Golf Chairman will be the direct interface between the League and the Member Club and its Bay Cities Junior golf team. Responsibilities and functions of the Member Club and the Junior Golf Chairman are as follows:

b.         Fiscal Involvement
                1.     Team shall pay annual Dues in the amount of $500 per year, payable before the Spring Meeting of each year.
                2.    The host club is to provide a simple lunch for the visiting team and coaches and to provide golf carts for the Coach and co-coach chaperons.

c.         Junior Golf Chairman Duties and Functions

            1. Reserve Tee Times:  To make the necessary arrangements for home matches with your club manager and your pro.

            2. Pre-Match Phone Call with Opposing Coach:    To notify the host club no later than the day before the match advising how many juniors your are bringing, what time you expect to arrive, and your proposed player ranking ladder and match position.

            3. Travel, Dress, Lunch:   To check on items such as: transportation, dress code, time of play, and luncheon time.

            4. Supervision:     To assure that the coach(es) will be present at all times during Bay Cities functions or matches.

            5. Player Ladder:    Each team is to maintain an objectively verifiable ladder (ranking of their players golfing ability), and make it available to the League and opposing coaches.

            6. Objective & Consistent Basis of Ranking:    The Coach is responsible for maintaining a consistent form of ranking the juniors on their team which is based upon golfing ability.

            7. Submit Official Score sheet  (see template) to the League: The home team coach shall provide the visiting team coach, and then email to the League Office immediately after the match, an agreed copy of Match results score sheet. Only digital copies (Adobe pdf, scanned, or Excel) of the scoresheet wil be accepted by the League Office. The digital score sheets must be emailed to GlynnF@aol.com, or as designated to other League officers, as soon as practical, but in any event, no later than 12 noon on the Monday following the match. Failure to deliver the results by that time may result in home team's forfeiture of the match.  Playoff Matches results must be communicated to the League immediately upon conclusion of the Match.

            8. Arrange a Match for the visiting Coaches:       To arrange a foursome for the visiting Junior Golf Coach and her/his assistanr. We recommend that the coaches tee-off in the middle of the match, using golf carts, so that they are available to the players for rulings or emergencies.

            9. Attend Bay Cities League Functions:   To attend the Spring Meeting.   A $50 assessment, for each missed meeting, will be charged against each club which fails to attend the Spring meetings. Continued lack of participation absences will be grounds for suspension or removal from the League.   [back to the top]

Rule 16. Time and Day for League Matches

       Time of Play: the actual required arrival time, lunch time, start of play, and dress code are the responsibility of the Home (host) Club. The following will apply unless special arrangements are required:

All League Divisional Matches are to be held on Saturdays.
         Arrival:                 at approximately 11:00 AM
         Lunch Service:     11:30-12:30
         Match Play:        Preferably to start exactly at 1:00 p.m., but begin between 12:30 - 1:30 PM as availability by the Host club.  Later tee times are to be avoided due to the travel times for visiting teams to return to their home clubs.        [back to the top]

Rule 17. Local Rules

         Local Rules:   Generally, some clubs may require that girls to wear skirts, and most clubs will not allow boys to wear cut-offs or jeans. When visiting another club, the “Away” team are guests and must abide by the Home club’s rules. Please check with the host’s Junior Golf Coach or Head Professional prior to the scheduled match so as to determine if there are other variations which will apply. Most clubs now require “soft spike” shoes be worn.   [back to the top]

Rule 18. Season of Play

            Season:   The season will be from May 15th through August 15th of each year.                                         [back to the top]

Rule 19. Before Starting Play [modified 3/2000]

                 Announcements: Prior to teeing off at each match, it is strongly recommended that the Host Junior Golf Coach or the Host Club’s Golf Professional assemble all participants and announce the following:

               1.)    Match Play:   This is a match play tournament - one point for the front nine, one point for the back nine, and one point for the eighteen. Plus a two-man best ball match for similar points

               2.)   Holing Out:    All putts should be holed out - with due consideration given for pace of play.

              3.)   Medal Scores:    Medal scores are used to determine the playing spot on team’s ladders. Each player’s ball should, therefore, be played out, or scores posted using the applicable USGA Rules of Golf . If a player is conceded the hole, the score posted for that hole should accurately represent the number of strokes the player would have most likely taken.

               4.)   Summer Rules:    Summer rules apply unless local conditions do not permit.

               5.)   Changed Conditions: Specify what change(s) is in effect and where.

               6.)   Imbedded Ball: Imbedded ball rules are in effect depending on the condition of the course.

               7.)   Local Rules: Announce any special or local rules that apply. Ask about local rules.

               8.)    Lost Ball: Review briefly Rule 27 & 28 regarding a ball lost, out of bounds, and unplayable lie procedures. See USGA Rules of Golf

            9.)    Provisional Ball: Review briefly Rule 27  - Provisional Ball procedures. See USGA Rules of Golf

            10.)  Two Completed Scorecards: Announce that two complete scorecards for the foursome must be kept; one by each club; agreed upon, signed and turned in to the scorers at the end of play.

            11)   Disputes - When They Must Be Resolved:   Any scoring disputes must be resolved between the players involved. The foursome involved must NOT leave the scoring area until the matter is resolved.  If unable to resolve the dispute then and there, a ruling should be requested from the Host Club's Professional.  If not resolved there, then submitted to the Competition Committee for its consideration and ruling.

            12)  Competition Committee Ruling:    If any matter is still in dispute, the Junior Golf Chairman, or his or her designate, shall immediately forward all applicable details in writing to the Chairman of the League’s Competition Committee, which Committee shall decide the dispute within 48 hours and pursuant to Committee rules and procedures. The decision of the Competition Committee shall then be final.  

            13).  Measuring Devices Allowed:    Measuring devices, such as laser and GPS, conforming to USGA rules are permitted.  To help with the pace of play, players will share distance information upon request.   [back to the top]

Rule 20. General Dress Code

             Dress Code:    Each club must inform the visiting clubs of the dress code requirements for their facility. Bay Cities would like to continue to maintain a good image, and therefore recommends that each Club provide team shirts and pants to the team.

            Proper Attire:   Boys: Golf shirt with collar and sleeves;  Long pants or club-approved shorts, belted, and worn up on the waistline; Shirts tucked in at all times; Hat (optional) worn with the bill in front;  Soft spike on golf shoes.

            The Following Are NOT Proper Attire for Junior Golfers:    Tank tops, blue jeans, sweat pants, warm-up suits, shorts shorter than mid-thigh, cleat-like golf shoes (baseball, football, etc.).  [back to the top]

Rule 21. Discipline Rules

                Proper Decorum:   The League’s Competition Committee, in conjunction with the League’s Member Clubs, shall establish such reasonable rules and penalties as deemed necessary concerning inappropriate behavior during League events and involving junior members, their coaches, and/or their spectators. It will be the goal of this section that each junior golfer and their respective coaches will, at all times, conduct themselves in the manner and fashion consistent with the highest traditions, honor, and respect for the game of golf, the host club and club members, and for their respective opponents.

            Vulgarism, loud or violent behavior, use of alcohol or street drugs, rowdyism, “trash talk,” failure to abide by the host club’s rules, throwing clubs, cheating, disrespectful and/or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in discipline ranging from loss of hole, loss of individual match, loss of the team match, suspension, or expulsion from team play, as deemed appropriate under the circumstances by the coach, the Club, and if not satisfactorily resolved at those levels, by the League office.  [back to the top]

Attest:  Glynn P. Falcon
League Secretary
April 6, 2013