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Table of Contents

Section 1. League Purposes
Section 2. Participating Clubs and Divisional Alignment

Section 3. Eligibility
Section 4. Scheduling of Matches
Section 5. Determination of League Champion
Section 6. Team Size
Section 7.  Tees Used
Section 8.  Use of Carts
Section 9.  Spectators
Section 10.  Coaching
Section 11.  Ranking
Section 12.  Scoring Procedures
Section 13.  Spring Meeting
Section 14.  End of Season (“Fall”)  Tournament
Section 15.  Responsibilities of Member Club and Their Junior Golf Chairman
Section 16.  Time for League Matches
Section 17.  Variations of Play
Section 18.  Season of Play
Section 19.  Before Starting Play
Section 20.  General Dress Code
Section 21.   Host Club Schedule
Section 22.  League Champions and Division Winner
Section 23.  League Officers
Section 24.  Other Clubs Fielding a Team in Prior Years
Section 25.  New Team Additions

Section 26.  Competition Committee
Section 27.  Discipline Rules



(Revised 2003)

League Rules and Format of Play

            These league rules were established at the charter meeting on April 5, 1967. Amendments made at various meetings are incorporated herein. Originally drafted by Captain Ed Chester, USCG Retired, Castlewood CC. Early league founders included: William I Clark, San Jose CC; Hal Rosenberg, Green Hills; Lloyd DeMartini, Green Hills; Bill Fisher, Santa Rosa.

Section 1.  League Purposes

a.)        To provide an opportunity for competitive golf for Junior Golfers in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

b.)        To augment the junior golf programs of the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA), the California State, and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

c.)        To promote and foster the desirability of golf etiquette and competitive spirit.

Section 2.  Participating Clubs and Divisional Alignment


            Eastern Division

Blackhawk Country Club, Danville
Castlewood Country Club, Pleasanton
Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill
Diablo Country Club, Diablo
Oakhurst Country Club, Clayton
Orinda Country Club, Orinda
Round Hill Country Club, Alamo

            Northern Division

Claremont Country Club, Oakland
Marin Country Club, Novato
Meadow Club, Fairfax
Napa Valley Country Club, Napa
Richmond Country Club, Richmond
Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club, Santa Rosa
Sequoyah Country Club, Oakland

            Southern Division

Almaden Golf & Country Club, San Jose
La Rinconada Country Club, Los Gatos
Ruby Hill CC, Pleasanton
Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz
San Jose Country Club, San Jose
Saratoga Country Club, Saratoga
Silver Creek Golf & Country Club, San Jose

            Western Division

Lake Merced Golf & Country Club, Daly City

Los Altos Golf & Country Club, Los Altos
Palo Alto Hills Country Club, Palo Alto
Peninsula Golf & Country Club, San Mateo
The Olympic Club, San Francisco
Sharon Heights Golf & C. Club, Menlo Park
Stanford Golf Club, Stanford

Section  3.  Eligibility

a.)       The following two classes of players are eligible to participate in the Bay Cities League of Jr. Golfers and to play in League Matches provided that they have not yet reached his or her 21st birthday on or before January 1st in the year of the season. (Amended 4/22/88. In the past the junior could not compete on or after his/her 21st birthday.):

1. "Bona fide" junior members are defined as the "sons or daughters of bona fide, dues-paying members, or grandchildren of bona fide, dues-paying members, where the grandchild has the same full and equal privileges of junior membership to use the club as would a son or daughter of a bona fide, dues-paying member." Such members may participate without limitation as to numbers.

2. "All Other" junior members are defined as:

a. Non-members invited to play on the team as has been the case in the past,

b. Special junior memberships – these would be boys or girls whose parents or grandparents ARE NOT bona fide, dues-paying members, but have been granted a special junior membership where they:

1. pay dues monthly/annually;
2. have an account number, are billed by the club monthly for dues and use (e.g., food, beverage, etc.), and
3. have privileges to use the club on a year-round basis;

c. Grandchildren of bona fide, dues-paying members where the grandchild DOES NOT have the same full and equal privileges of junior membership to use the club as would a son or daughter of a bona fide, dues-paying member.

b.)        The total number of "All Other" players that may compete during a match for a team for points shall not exceed 5 players beginning for the 2002 season. This will be reduced to "not to exceed 4 players" for the 2003 season and beyond. The competition committee will review this policy change at the end of the 2002 season.

c.)        A player may only be listed on one teams' roster. A player cannot "float" from one team to another. (Added 8/20/87)


d.)        Any Club may request from the League president a hardship exemption from these eligibility rules for good cause shown (which should include statements from the Club president and head professional the nature of the hardship and what actions will be taken to resolve such hardship in the following year.


e.)       Subject: Clarification of Rules of eligibility of boys and girls who are not "bonafide" members as defined above to play in League Matches:

1.) (Replaced)

2.) A list of all Juniors must be submitted to the League Secretary by June 1st of each year.

3.) Any Junior ("bona fide" as well as "all others") must have participated in at least three (3) of the League's matches to be eligible to participate in the League Match Play Championship between the Division Winners and runners-up competing for the League Championship Trophy.

Section 4.  Scheduling of Matches

            Each club will play every other club in their division. The divisional winners will play the league play-off matches beginning August 1st , 1992.  Eight teams will qualify for the play-offs. One or more exhibition matches may be played between teams from different.  The “home” team will be the “away” team on alternate years in division play.

Section 5.  Determination of League Champion

a.)        Eight teams will qualify for the play-offs (amended 2/1/95, 3/31/2001):
1.)        The winners of each division (4).
2.)        The second place finishers of each division (4)

b.)     The play-off  teams will be ranked (“seeded”) in terms of their winning status, and then by their average  points per division match. The teams will be matched as follows:


c.)        In determining the rank of “seeding,” should there be a divisional point average tie, the winner of any head-to-head match shall be seeded above the loser of that match. If that does resolve the seeding, then the point averages from all matches played that year will determine the seeding.  If that does not resolve the seeding, the seeding team will be determined by a flip of a coin.

d.)        The championship will be a home and home event, either spread over two weekends, or back to back on the Saturday and Sunday of one weekend, whichever is agreed upon by the coaches of these teams.

e.)    If a playoff match results in a tie, the winner of the match will be determined on the basis of the better score for the two man best ball scores.  If that should also result in a tie, the winner will be determined by comparing individuals match scores, starting with the #1 match, until the tie is broken.

f.)        In the unfortunate event that a team which has qualified for the playoff, but is unable to field a team of at least eight junior golfers, then the third place team from their division will have the option to take over that spot in the playoffs.  If the third place team is unable to do so, then the fourth place team may do so, and so on.  If a course scheduling conflict develops whereby a playoff team cannot be the host their playoff match, it is in the spirit of the League that the match be played, if possible, at the other team’s home course or such other arrangements as approved by the League.

g.)        If the Championship match results in a tie after normal play, no tie breaker will be utilized.  Both teams will be declared League Co-Champions.

Section 6.  Team Size

            A predetermined squad of 8 junior golfers shall constitute the point scoring team. The traveling team shall be limited to 12 junior golfers plus 2 adult golfers (usually the club's Junior Golf Chairman, Alternate Chairman, or the Club's Professional.)   [Amended 4/18/86] By prior arrangement with the home club, the visiting team may take as many players as are welcome by the home team.

Section 7.  Tees Used

            For the scoring team, play is from the Championship tees (usually blue) for boys, and the girls shall play from the next forward tee or from such forward tee as designated by the host’s Club Professional. (Typically, this is from the next forward tee). Par for boys and girls will be the same.  Non-scoring players may use tees designated by the coaches. The same tee will thereafter be used for all matches at the Club.

Section 8.  Use of Carts

            All players must walk. However, a player may use a motorized cart for medical necessity. (Added 8/22/86.) Club policy may require all players to use carts.

Section 9.  Spectators

            Individual club policy on spectators shall be enforced. Each club is to provide their stipulations concerning spectators. If spectators are allowed by the club, they must adhere to the JCANC rules regarding galleries. Spectators are to remain at least twenty-five yards away from the players.  If advice is given by the spectator, loss of hole will be imposed on the junior receiving the advice.

         In all cases, it is the responsibility of the visiting coach to obtain prior permission to allow spectators from the host club.

Section 10.  Coaching

            There will be no coaching allowed during any league match. Coaching is defined as giving advice on golf swing, putting, or other mechanics related to the game. Coaches are also not allowed to caddie for a team member during a league match. The coach can, however, offer motivational advice during play. Breach of this rule is loss of hole on the junior receiving the advice.

Section 11.  Ranking

            Team members are ranked according to ability and shall be placed in the line-up in such order. Violation of this rule, better known as "stacking the line-up," will result in disqualification of that team. Each team's ladder shall be available for inspection by the League and each opposing coach.

Section 12.  Scoring Procedures

Points for the team championship trophy are based on the play of eight player teams. Points are scored as follows:

a.)        All teams matches are played scratch (no handicaps).

b.)       Eight individual matches - one point for match play winner on the front nine, one point for match play winner on the back nine, one point for the winning player for the overall match for 18 holes. (Changed from medal play to match play 2/3/91).

c.)       Four two-man best ball matches - one point for team best ball match play winner of the front nine, one point for team best ball match play winner of the back nine, one point for the team best ball match winner for the 18 holes. (Changed from medal play to match play 2/3/91).

d.)       A player's contribution to the scoring effort shall be recorded even if he is not able to complete 18 holes. (Added 8/20/87)

e.)       A team with less than eight players shall position them consecutively, one through as many positions as the players may fill.

f.)        Ties represent one-half point each.

g.)       All putts should be holed out, but with consideration for “pace of play”.

h.)        To improve scorecard accuracy, the scorers in each foursome are instructed to ask each player his or her score immediately upon completion of the hole, and record the score immediately. This helps prevent score card errors.

i.)         The team receiving the majority of the 36 total possible points is the winner of the match.

j.)         The team with the best won/lost percentage of all of the matches played against other teams within their division is that division’s champion. Individual match ties shall not effect the won/lost percentage.  If two or more teams tie for the best won/lost percentage, the tied team scoring the most points in all their matches against other teams in their division shall be the division champion.

k.)        A League “Perpetual Trophy” is to be presented to the League Champion as soon as possible upon completion of the final division winner's match.

Section 13.  Spring Meeting

            Each season begins after a “kick- off” meeting held in the spring of each year (usually in April).  At this meeting, the League will provide the team match schedules for each division, any proposed rule changes, financial reports, issues from the floor, informational packets, team gifts, and such other matters as comes before the League.  A golf tournament comprised of the various club’s Junior Golf Chairpersons, their assistant, and League officials shall precede the spring meeting.

             The list of the hosting clubs  is provided later in this document.  Attendance by each member club’s Junior Golf Chairman, Coach, Co-Coach, or Club Professional at this meeting is mandatory. The Junior Golf Chairmen of each of the four division winners of the previous year are responsible for contacting the various club directors in their division to ensure proper attendance. The division winners must also present an attendance list to the host club at least two weeks prior to the event.

            The Junior Golf Chairman for the host club for the spring meeting is responsible for notifying each division winner of the date, and time of the event at least eight weeks prior.

Section 14.  End of Season (“Fall”)  Tournament

[modified 3/2001, 4/2002]
The End of Season Meeting is held at a host club course directly following the League Championship match. Nomination and election of League officers, as well as any other League business, shall be conducted at the Fall Meeting. Each team shall have one vote.
[Beginning 2002, the League Championships and Fall Tournament may be combined, to be held at a site to be selected. This is approved as follows: The Fall Tournament & Meeting and the League Championship shall be held at the same time and place. Each team in the league will send their top individual junior player, along with the coach. The junior will compete for an individual "scratch" Player's Championship, the coaches in a "handicap" Coaches Tournament. Awards ceremony would be held immediately following the completion of play. This will allow immediate presentation of awards and for everyone present to celebrate the achievements.]
(Delete the following] Each club is to be represented by 2 junior golfers, the Junior Golf Chairman (or designate) and the club professional (or designate). The juniors golfers play for a two man gross best ball match against the field, with prizes awarded for first and second places. The two juniors and the two seniors play a four man best ball match. The juniors play scratch. The coaches play net score using established club handicaps. Prizes will be presented upon completion of the tournament.

Section 15.  Responsibilities of Member Club and

Their Junior Golf Chairman

            Each member club will have a person designated, identified  and on file  with the League as that club’s “Junior Golf Chairman” (also sometimes referred as the coach).  The Junior Golf Chairman will be the direct interface between the League and the Member Club and its Bay Cities Junior golf team.   Responsibilities and functions of the Member Club and the Junior Golf Chairman are as follows:

a)         Fiscal Involvement

1.)        Dues in the amount of $500 per year (amended 4/2003), payable before the Spring Meeting each year.

2.)        The host club is to provide simple lunch for the visiting team and to provide golf carts for the Coach and co-coach chaperons.

b)         Junior Golf Chairman Functions

            1.)        To make the necessary arrangements for home matches with your club manager and your pro.
            2.)        To notify the host club no later than the day before the match advising how many juniors your are bringing and what time you expect to arrive.
            3.)        To check on items such as: transportation, dress code, time of play, and luncheon time.
            4.)        The assure that the chairman and/or coach(es) will be present at all times during Bay Cities functions or matches.
            5.)        Each team is to maintain, and make available to the League and opposing coaches, a current ladder (ranking based on ability) of qualification for their team members. The chairman is responsible for maintaining a consistent form of ranking the juniors on the team based on ability. There is no prescribe method for determining ranking, so long as it is used for all matches and the method can be documented,
            6.)        To supply the visiting team and league secretary with a copy of match results. 
            7.)        Results must be faxed (Fax 650-323-0352), delivered (2501 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306), or e-mailed ( to the League Office no later than 12 noon on the Monday following the match.  Failure to deliver the results by this time may result in forfeiture of the match. (amended 2/3/92)
            8.)        To arrange a foursome for the visiting Junior Chairman and his alternate.
            9.)        To attend the Spring and Fall Meetings.

Section 16.  Time for League Matches

            Actual arrival time, lunch, play and dress code are the responsibility of the Home (host) Club. The following will apply unless special arrangements are required:

1.)        Matches are to be held on Saturdays.

2.)        Arrival, approximately 11:00 AM

3.)        Lunch 11:30-12:30

4.)        Play to begin between 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Section 17.  Variations of Play

            Generally, some clubs may require that girls wear skirts, and most clubs will not allow boys to wear cut-offs or jeans.  When visiting other clubs, the “away” team are guests and must abide by the home club’s rules. Please check with each Junior Golf Chairman or Head Professional prior to scheduled match to determine if there are other variations which will apply.  Most clubs now require “soft spike” shoes be worn.

Section 18.  Season of Play

            The season will be from May 15th through August 15th of each year.

Section 19.  Before Starting Play

            Prior to teeing off at each match, it is recommended that the Host Junior Golf Chairman or the Host Club Professional assemble all participants and announce the following:

1.)        This is a match play tournament - one point for the front nine, one point for the back nine, and one point for the eighteen. Plus a two-man best ball match for similar points

2.)        All putts should  be holed out - with due consideration given for pace of play.

3.)        Medal scores are used to determine the playing spot on team ladders.  A ball should, therefor be played out, or scores posted using the applicable rules of golf .

4.)        Summer rules apply unless local conditions do not permit. Specify what change(s) is in effect and where.

5.)        Imbedded ball rules are in effect depending on the condition of the course.

6.)        State any special local rules that apply. Ask about local rules.

7.)        Review briefly Rule 29 - ball lost, out of bounds, and unplayable lie procedures.

8.)        Review briefly Rule 30 - Provisional Ball procedures.

9.)        Announce that two complete scorecards for the foursome must be kept; one by each club; agreed upon, signed and turned in to the Match scorers at the end of play. Any scoring disputes must be resolved between the players involved.  The foursome involved must NOT leave the scoring area until the matter is resolved, or a ruling has been made by the Host Club Professional, or submitted to the Competition Committee. If any matter is still in dispute, the Junior Golf Chairman, or his or her designate, shall immediately forward all applicable details in writing to the Chairman of the League’s Competition Committee, who shall decide the dispute within 48 hours and pursuant to Committee rules and procedures.  The decision shall then be final.

Section 20.  General Dress Code

            Each club must inform the visiting clubs of dress code requirements for their facility.  Bay Cities would like to continue to maintain a good image, and therefore recommends that each Club provide team shirts and pants to the team.

Proper attire:

           Golf shirt with collar and sleeves

           Long pants or mid-thigh shorts

           Shirts tucked in at all times

           Hat (optional) worn with the bill in front

           Soft spike golf shoes.

The following  are not proper attire for Junior Golfers:

           Tank tops

            Blue jeans

           Sweat pants

            Warm-up suits

            Shorts shorter than mid-thigh

            Cleat-like golf shoes (baseball, football, etc.)

Section 21.   Host Club Schedule

            Listed below are the meeting places for the Spring and Fall meetings to be held over the next few years.

Spring Meeting                      Year                Fall Meeting

Meadow Club                           1990                Los Altos G&CC

Blackhawk CC                         1991                Peninsula G&CC

Round Hill CC                          1992                San Jose CC

Santa Rosa G&CC                   1993                Sharon Heights

Stanford GC                             1994                Olympic Club

Castlewood CC                       1995                Almaden G&CC

Crow Canyon CC                    1996                Diablo CC

La Rinconada CC                     1997                Green Hills CC

Claremont CC                          1998                Marin CC

Los Altos G&CC                     1999                Meadow Club

Palo Alto Hills CC                    2000                Blackhawk CC

San Jose CC                            2001                Round Hill CC

Peninsula G&CC                      2002                ?????????

Sharon Heights                         2003                Olympic Club

Almaden G&CC                      2004                Castlewood CC

Diablo CC                                2005               

Pasatiempo GC                        2006                Sequoyah CC

Saratoga CC                            2007                Silver Creek CC

Napa Valley CC                       2008               

            The Host Club will provide complimentary tee times. The BCLJG will reimburse the Host Club for food and refreshments. The Host Club may provide golf carts or the participants may be charged for carts, at the discretion of the Host Club.

Section 22. League Champions and Division Winner

Year                Winner Division                                 Runner-Up Division
1967                Marin CC Northern                              ? Southern
1968                Green Hills CC Northern                      ? Southern
1969                Green Hills CC Northern                      ? Southern
1970                San Jose CC Southern                         ? Northern
1971                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      Almaden CC Southern
1972                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      Peninsula G&CC Southern
1973                Almaden CC Southern                          ? Northern
1974                Sharon Heights Southern                       ? Northern
1975                Olympic Club Northern                        ? Southern
1976                Olympic Club Northern                        ? Southern
1977                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      Palo Alto Hills CC Southern
1978                Olympic Club Northern                        ? Southern
1979                Olympic Club Northern                        ? Southern
1980                Green Hills CC Northern                      La Rinconada CC Southern
1981                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      La Rinconada CC Southern
1982                Meadow Club Northern                       La Rinconada CC Southern
1983                Castlewood CC Southern                     Crow Canyon CC Northern
1984                Castlewood CC Southern                     Olympic Club Northern
1985                Castlewood CC Southern                     Santa Rosa CC Northern
1986                Crow Canyon CC Northern                 Almaden CC Southern
1987                Crow Canyon CC Southern                  Marin CC Northern
1988                Castlewood CC Southern                     Santa Rosa CC Northern
1989                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      Los Altos CC Southern
1990                Olympic Club Northern                        Los Altos CC Southern
1990                Olympic Club Northern                        Los Altos CC Southern
1991                Olympic Club Northern                        Castlewood CC Southern
1995                San Jose CC Southern                          Olympic Club Northern
1996                San Jose CC Southern                          Santa Rosa CC Northern
1997                Castlewood CC Eastern                       Blackhawk Eastern
1998                San Jose CC    Southern                       La Rinconada CC Southern
1999                Santa Rosa CC Northern                      San Jose CC, Southern
2000                Santa Rose CC Northern                      La Rinconada CC Southern
2001                Santa Rose CC Northern                      Green Hills CC Mid-Bay

2002                Napa Valley CC Northern                      Castlewood CC Eastern (formerly called"Midbay')

(Club records, in the possession of the League Secretary as of 6 March, 1999, show the above results. If any person reading this list knows who the runner-up was in a prior years, please pass that information along to the League Secretary.)


Section 23.  League Officers

            The Bay Cities League of Junior Golfers (BCLJG) shall be headed by the following officers: the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Each shall be elected or  re-elected annually by a majority vote of the Junior Golf Chairpersons attending the Fall Meeting.
            The President shall be in charge of all organizational matters of BCLJG, to direct its affairs, assign duties and to staff committees, identity and resolve issues, conduct the Spring and Fall Meetings, establish match schedules, and to promote the best interests of Bay Cities and junior golf.
            The Secretary will be in charge of recording all minutes of meetings, maintaining membership lists and directories, and recording all match scores, along with such other duties and tasks that are from time to time assigned.
            The Treasurer shall be in charge of collecting, dispensing, reporting, and maintaining all BCLJG funds, accounts, and books.  The treasurer shall provide financial reports to the membership at the Spring Meeting.

Year    President                                            Secretary/Treasurer                                         Vice-President
1975    Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1976    Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1977    Edward Chester, Castlewood              Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1978    Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1979    Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1980    Dave Forsman, Los Altos
1981    Dick Mann, Palo Alto Hills                    Linda Johnson
1982    Dick Mann, Palo Alto Hills                    Linda Johnson
1983    Dick Mann, Palo Alto Hills                    Linda Johnson
1984    Philip Chappron, Castlewood              Linda Johnson
1985    Philip Chappron, Castlewood              Linda Johnson
1986    Gary Clark, Crow Canyon                     Larry Rebich, Green Hills
1987    Gary Clark, Crow Canyon                     Larry Rebich, Green Hills
1988    Gary Clark, Crow Canyon                     Larry Rebich, Green Hills
1989    Tom Perkins, Castlewood                     TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1990    Tom Perkins, Castlewood                     TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1991    TJ Boer, San Jose CC                          Dave Scatina, Sharon Heights
1992    TJ Boer, San Jose CC                          Dave Scatina, Sharon Heights
1993    TJ Boer, San Jose CC                          Dave Scatina, Sharon Heights
1994    Nick Speno, San Jose CC                    TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1995    Nick Speno, San Jose CC                    TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1996    Nick Speno, San Jose CC                    TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1997    Nick Speno, San Jose CC                    TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1998    Steven Kearney, Olympic Club             TJ Boer, San Jose CC
1999    Steven Kearney, Olympic Club             TJ Boer, San Jose CC
2000    Mark Janusch, Meadow Club               TJ Boer, San Jose CC
2001    Glynn Falcon, San Jose CC                  TJ Boer, San Jose CC
2002    Glynn Falcon, San Jose CC                  TJ Boer, San Jose CC

2003    Glynn Falcon, San Jose CC                  Chris Woodruff, Claremont CC                  Barrett McGrath, Saratoga CC      

Section 24.  Other Clubs Fielding a Team in Prior Years
Year                Club                            Location
19??-19??        Elkhorn CC                  ??
19??-1981       Woodbridge CC          ??
19??-19??        Green Valley CC          ??
19??-1988       California Club             South San Francisco
19??-1989       Presidio GC                 San Francisco
1967-2001       Green Hills CC             Milbrae
199?-2001        Ruby Hill                      Pleasanton

1990-2001        Crow Canyon              Dublin

19??-2002       Moraga CC             Moraga

Section 25.  New Team Additions

Year                Club                            Location
1992                Claremont CC            Oakland
2000                Pasatiempo GC         Santa Cruz
2000                Saratoga CC              Saratoga

2002                Oakhurst CC               Clayton

2003                Ruby Hill CC              Pleasanton


Section 26.  Competition Committee
            A standing committee shall exist to identify and resolve any issues or disputes involving the competition between teams.  It is the goal of this committee to resolve disputes in a fair, prompt, and a gentlemanly manner, ever mindful that the committee has only the best interests of Junior Golfers as its goal, and that the preamble of this organization  is “to promote and foster the desirability of golf  etiquette.”  The Competition Committee will, from time to time, recommend to the membership that there be certain rule changes, modifications, clarifications, and interpretations consistent with that goal and with the goal of maintaining a “competitive spirit” with Junior Golfers.
            This committee will be chaired by a person appointed annually by the President.  The committee shall be comprised of the Junior Golf Chairpersons, or their designates, for each of the four (4) Divisional  winners for that year. They shall serve until their successors (next year’s division winners) are determined.  This Committee shall meet in advance of the Spring  meeting, and as such need arises, in order to study, consider and make timely recommendations to the membership of competition matters. (added August 2000)


Section 27.  Discipline Rules
            The League’s Competition Committee, in conjunction with the League’s Member Clubs, shall establish such reasonable rules and penalties as deemed necessary concerning inappropriate behavior during League events involving junior members, their coaches, and/or their spectators.  It will be the goal of this section that each junior golfer and their respective coaches will, at all times, conduct themselves in the manner and fashion consistent with the highest traditions, honor, and respect for the game of golf, the host club and club members, and for their respective opponents.  Vulgarism, loud or violent behavior, use of alcohol or street drugs, rowdyism, “trash talk,” failure to abide by the host club’s rules, throwing clubs, cheating, or disrespectful and  unsportsmanlike behavior may result in discipline ranging from loss of hole, loss of individual match, loss of team match, suspension or expulsion from team play, as deemed appropriate under the circumstances by the involved coaches, clubs, or by the Bay Cities League.

May 28, 2002

(Last modified: April 12, 2003, April 25, 2002, March 31, 2001, previously: May 22, 1999 )